Bee Swarm Moves In Under The Deck

Still doing a little catching up on blogging. Last Sunday we removed a colony near Los Altos Country Club that moved in under a deck. The good thing is that we were able to stand on the deck below the third floor decking where the bees are located.

Removed a few pieces of wood and exposed the beehive. A small colony that arrived in about 2 weeks and has built 4 comb sections.

We used the beevac to clear the bees and then removed the comb section. Somehow we vacuumed the queen into the beevac. But we adjust the vacuum suction just enough to get the bees into the box and not harm them. This queen is a beauty. Golden colored and large.

Had a little time waiting for the bees to re-orient to the hive box so I took some photos.

More live bee rescues this weekend. 🙂

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