Bee Removal From Air Conditioner Duct

April 19 I met Leslie in Los Altos for a site check on the A/C Bees. Today we did a quick live bee relocation from the air conditioner duct with the professional help from James of Palo Alto & Dahl Plumbing Heating & Air. I took a thermal reading around where the bees were entering and found that they were in the duct where it meets the AC unit.


James simply removed the side panel and exposed the hive. Good thing we didn’t have to cut the duct! We saw how close the hive was next to the large duct and if we started vacuuming the bees and disturbing the colony, the queen would dart into the duct for safety. We couldn’t risk that and because it was a fairly new colony, we did it the more aggressive way but would not harm the bees. It was to scrap and knock down all the combs and bees at the same time, hoping that the queen would fall right into the box with everything.

Well, that didn’t happen. We could not find the queen. Looked for her everywhere today. When we left, the inside of the duct was clear of bees. Maybe she hopped off as the cardboard box we used wasn’t large enough with some combs and bees hanging over the edges? Hmm…

Here’s James enjoying a piece of fresh comb honey.

Thanks Leslie for calling us to save our local honeybees!!!

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2 Responses to Bee Removal From Air Conditioner Duct

  1. Roy Carlson. says:

    Very interesting and great pictures, but isn’t all these swarms the result of poor bee management?
    How about splits or added supers. Thanks for the posts!
    Roy SW Mich

  2. Roy, most of these are probably from feral colonies in trees. In our area we have a ton of oak trees that have hollows and bees just love living in them.

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