LeBootCamp Bees Relocated

My dad and I had the pleasure on meeting and removing bees for LeBootCamp’s Valerie and Alex. There are actually two bee colonies in their attic but today we tackled only one. The hive that we removed today was entering through the attic vent holes. It was a simple cut into the ceiling, push away the insulation to access the bees.

Thermal image of where the bees are located. Now we can make a nice cut into the sheetrock to minimize repair costs.

My dad pushes away the insulation exposing the honeybees. He immediately looks to see if he can spot the queen bee.

A close up of the bee colony in the attic space. They have built four large comb sections and two smaller combs. The hole we opened up wasn’t actually underneath them. The roof design extended out about 6 inches further. So we had to stick our hands and tools inside a tight space to get everything out.

The entire colony removed using our bee vac which puts the bees directly into their new home without harming them.

With two comb sections remaining I actually saw the queen making a run for it and went behind one of the combs. I wasn’t able to reach her in time and then eventually just started vacuuming the cluster of bees not knowing if I got her or not. Well, there she is folks. We did vacuum up the queen and we found her this afternoon during the transfer to bee vac to actual hive. There’s one thing though, it appears she’s laying all drones! I did not see any capped female worker brood.

Thanks Valerie and Alex for calling us to save our local honeybees! Let’s tackle the next one once we find a way into the attic. 🙂

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