April Swarm Removed, Now May Cutout – Site Check

Remember Lindsay and Kate, just this April they got to see a queen bee perhaps for the first time in their young lives.

For some reason the honeybees just love their place this year. Karen called me the other day saying some bees are entering through the mail slot that’s attached to their garage. Here’s what I found upon arrival. A cardboard box for the mailman to drop off the mail as he didn’t really want to deliver mail the day before when seeing the bees. 🙂

The bees are going into the mail slot and up the wall. The outside is brick but the inside is sheetrock.

Thermal image of where the bees are located. It’s either a big swarm or there used to be an old hive there becaues that’s pretty big for just a couple of days!!! We are scheduled to relocate the bees this Saturday. Let’s see what we find.

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