Palo Alto Swarm Rescued – Hard To Find Virgin Queen

Received a call from Nancy in Palo Alto this late afternoon regarding a swarm that has been in the bush for a while and haven’t flown away. So dad and I head over after dinner to relocate them.

They have been here for some time and have drawn two pieces of comb. One of the combs was filled with honey! Nancy’s dad took the treat inside the house. 🙂

We cut the branch and dropped the bees into the hive box. Placed the screened cover on and then allowed the remaining bees to get in before we left.

Then at home we looked for the queen. It was so difficult to find her, it took us a long time. We almost gave up but looked one last time. FINALLY I spotted her. She’s TINY!!! About the same size as the worker bees. I’m sure after she mates she will look like a real queen as I’ve caught two other small queen this year and same thing, after mating she plumped up real good!

Thanks Nancy for calling us to save our local honeybees!

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