Bees In Compost Bin – Palo Alto Bees Relocate To A Better Home

Susan of Palo Alto contacted me regarding honeybees that have moved into her compost bin about two weeks ago. This morning we dropped off a hive nearby and then went straight over to relocate the bees.

We first cracked the compost bin lid to see what’s inside and how the combs are attached. Good thing they didn’t attach any of the combs to the side or else it could have dropped into the nasty rotting compost when we opened the bin. 🙂

After a few minutes I spot the queen bee near the edge of one of the comb sections. I quickly block her with my tool and then capture her with the Mann Lake queen catcher. It was easy from there on as we don’t have to take time to look for the queen while we beevac the worker bees.

Below are some photos of my dad and I in action taken by Susan.

Thanks Susan for having us save our local honeybees!

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