Lost The Queen TWICE! Bee Removal in Mountain View

On Wednesday Karen called and said there were bees in her mailbox slot so I went for a site check. The bees were entering through the mail slot and up the wall. The thermal image clearly shows where they are located. Saturday was the scheduled relocation of the honeybees and it was a fun one!

Made a nice cut into the sheetrock with our multi-tool.

Pulled off the sheetrock with some of the bees and combs since they were attached.

Exposed the entire hive. A pretty good sized colony. They have built 6 comb sections already in just under one week!

Here’s the little drama that happened while trying to catch the queen. I spot the queen while vacuuming the bees. I drop the hose and grab the Mann Lake queen catcher which was broken (plastic of these new queen catchers are quite brittle). I had a hard time getting her since she was darting along the very top edge and corner. So I took my scraper and started to herd her down. Just as she was in clear view either I pushed her or she hopped and fell down the wall. But I knew she would walk back up and she did, that’s when I first got her into the queen catcher.

After catching her the family gets to see this beautiful large queen. Then my dad walks out of the garage to place another rubberband onto the queen catcher so she wouldn’t get out. While fumbling for a rubberband she somehow got out. Everyone begins to look for her but couldn’t locate her. I ran over to the front of the mailbox slot and there she was. Standing right there, but as I reach for her she walks inside. So I had to run into the garage and quickly toss off my gloves and grab her by the wings. Then placed her into the queen catcher and this time secured her for good!

All cleared. The bees did run up and to the right of this wall section. A little bee-quick drove them out and the bees joined the family. I picked up the hive a little after 10 PM.

The above photo, a little controlled chaos as I dump all the bees out of the bee vacuum to join the queen in the hive box. It was loud with all the bees buzzing around. 🙂

Below are some pictures taken by Karen.

Picture below is when I excitedly screamed over to my dad to give me some light while I was herding the queen, right before she drops into the wall.

The family got some honey from their bees.

Lindsay and Karen crush and straining.

Kate dips the spoon into the fresh honey for a taste.

Thanks for the wonderful pictures and also allowing us to save the second colony of honeybees that arrived this year! 🙂

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