Queenless Colony – Mountain View Bee Relocation

Jonathan contacted us a few weeks ago and this past Sunday we relocated a colony of honeybees from his attic. The bees were entering through the attic vent hole and because it was a two story house the best and safest way to remove the bees were from inside.

We made a nice and square cut into the ceiling from stud to stud to it can be put back easily.

Here’s our first look after exposing the hive. We noticed a lot of honey and no brood at all. Then we saw about 10 capped drones and that was about it. The bees either lost their queen and now has a laying worker, or the colony got honeybound and the queen left.

The removal was fairly simple. But the bees had an easy route into the next section which we didn’t want to cut open. So we waited a little for the bees to return and also used Bee-Quick to drive them back over.

All cleaned up and sealed. Wait for a week or two for the foragers to leave and then fix the vent hole screening and sheetrock.

Thanks Jonathan for calling us to save our local honeybees!

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