Los Altos Honey Bees Rescued – Vacuumed The Mated Queen

Sunday afternoon bee rescue in Los Altos. It was hot and in the full beesuit it’s a good 10-15 degrees warmer! Got a big headache from this bee relocation but it was worth saving the bees.

After checking out the site we determined it was best to remove the bees from the outside. We cut a section of the board and exposed part of the hive.

My dad checking out the bees. There’s still a 2×6 in the way. There was no way to remove all the bees without removing this small piece of wood.

Another look at the bees.

After removing the 2×6 we were able to start vacuuming the bees and removing the combs. They’ve built 8 nice comb sections and there’s a good amount of bees!

We didn’t see the queen but vacuumed up all the bees minus the returning foragers.

We looked for the queen at home. It took a while as she’s the darker tiger striped kind. My dad checking her out.

She’s nice and big. Mated and we spotted eggs and a few day old larvae.

Thanks Donna for allowing us to save our local honey bees!

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