Relocating Bees From Compost Bin Again In Palo Alto

Well, last night after dinner we relocated a colony of bees that have moved into another compost bin in Palo Alto. This time it’s a barrel type of compost bin but like all, it’s easy enough to remove the top to expose the bees. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera so I don’t have pictures to share except when I got home I took a picture of the queen which we caught after minutes of taking the compost bin lid off. And to add, I got stung under my Adam’s apple area and had a bad allergic reaction last night hiving the bees. I must have forgotten to fully zip my veil and one bee got in and got me good. If you work on bees at night, which most hobby beekeepers do not, be sure to zip up well, wear boots, gloves, etc. At night bees are blind and they will crawl everywhere and will sting if one gets a chance.

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