Menlo Park Bee Removal From Old Cabinet

Intero realtor Barbara contacted me today regarding a honey bee hive in her client’s backyard and to see if we can relocate them. Dad and I went after dinner tonight and found the bees not in a bush but behind the bush in an old cabinet. We got into our suits and then took a peek inside before we brought out the arsenal to relocate them.

Wow, a very nice sized colony that recently moved in. About 5 pounds of bees. They have built a few sections of comb already. They have honey, pollen, and I spotted eggs.

And here’s our queen bee. A nice large golden queen.

We hived the bees in Jennifer’s William Sonoma 8 frame medium hive. Can you believe William Sonoma now sells bee hives and chicken coops? That’s just crazy but pretty cool. Link to William Sonoma’s beehive.

This colony of bees will fill this single 8 frame medium quickly!

Thanks Barbara for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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