Sunnyvale Bee Removal Captured On Film

Stephen emailed me about a week ago regarding some honeybees that are entering through a phone box and into the wall of his house. Today was the scheduled cutout. Here’s where the bees are entering from. It’s a nice large hole right into an uninsulated wall.


It was a cool morning and today’s temperatures didn’t reach anywhere near 90F as the weatherman forecasted. We arrived at 8 AM and put the Fluke TiR thermal imager to work. Now where are the bees?

The Fluke TiR thermal imager quickly finds where the bees are located.

My dad draws an outline so I can make straight cuts.

Meet Stephen who called us to save the bees. He’s a professional videographer! He has some buff video equipment and filmed a good part of the bee rescue today. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

Perfect cut and exposed the entire hive.

Though the combs are narrow and long, we were able to save four frames full of brood that’s about the emerge.

I spotted the queen walking out and quickly back inbetween two comb sections. I cut out the comb and she was still on it. And easy catch!

Thanks Stephen for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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