Gentle Honey Bees Relocated In Los Altos

Friday afternoon received a call from Frank of Los Altos regarding a colony of bees that have been living in his house. They are entering from the eve of the roof but because it’s where two roof meet he wasn’t sure if they made home in the attic or wall. We went for a site check that evening and easily located the bees with the Fluke Thermal Imager. And today (Saturday) because we finished our other bee rescues early we called Frank and he welcomed us over to remove the bees.

My dad drew nice straight lines for me to cut with the multi-tool so Frank can easily put back the sheetrock himself. One cut and minimal repair thanks to high-tech tools like the thermal imager to help us locate exactly where the bees are. We removed the old insulation and exposed the colony of bees.

Larger than I expected. From the combs and the first round of emerged brood I can tell these bees have been there for at least one month. The queen is laying strong, tons of brood of all stages but still very little honey. Usually the bees build up their population first before storing a lot of honey. There were bands of honey above each comb section and some of it was already capped. We gave Frank and Maureen most of it and saved a little for the bees since our nectar flow is still really strong.

All cleaned up and we temporarily closed this off. Let the bees and robbers clean up the rest and then Frank will stuff this void up really good with new insulation to prevent more bees from moving in. And below, yes, we caught the queen. After removing the forth piece of comb I spotted her on the first comb section. Blocked her off with my hands and she climbed on, I brought her down and caged her. 🙂

Thanks Frank and Maureen for having us save our local honey bees!

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