Beekeeping 101 With An 8 Year Old

A few weeks ago Tzvia contacted me asking if I can provide a beekeeping 101 lesson for her 8 year old son Ron who’s interested in learning about a bee hive, the colony itself, and how honey is produced. So we set up a time and last week they came over for a little close encounter with thousands of bees from a young hive.

Ron and mom Tzvia all suited up and ready for some action. I think we have some future beekeepers in the making.

Ron lifted the cover, his very first hive inspection is about to take place. Ron was very excited throughout the learning process.

Here is Ron taking out a frame full of honey. We went through all the frames explaining everything we see such as new and old wax, honey, pollen, brood of all stages, and of course spotting the queen bee. This is the first time Ron has ever gone through a bee hive and he was loving it!!!

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One Response to Beekeeping 101 With An 8 Year Old

  1. beesgalore says:

    My 18 yr old grand daughter just got the same introduction to bee keeping and liked it also.
    Roy in SW Mich

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