Adopt A Hive – Stanford Lathrop Hive Relocating To Nevada City

It has been a few weeks since Slava and Tad contacted me regarding adopting a hive.  So I provided them with a list of equipment to order although Tad seem to already know what he wanted. Tad was very excited to come over Monday after dinner for a quick beekeeping 101 lesson before going home with his very first beehive. Actually, his new colony of bees isn’t going anywhere local. Tad is driving the hive up to their vacation home in Nevada City which is about 2 hours North-East. I got an email from Slava the next day saying that Tad finally got there and set up the hive on its stand at 2 AM!!! Such a dedicated new beekeeper!

Thanks Tad and Slava for adopting the bees!


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