Sunnyvale Relocating Beehive, 1+ Years

Received an email from Kate late in the week requesting for help in removing some honeybees that are living in her attic, and like many that we’ve relocated this year, they are entering through the vent holes. So Saturday my dad and I went over early in the morning to rescue the bees before going out for my son’s 3 year old birthday lunch. I rang the doorbell and then looked right, spotting the bees immediately at the eve of the roof.

We checked out the inside where the bees should be.

And yup, there they are. A pretty good size hive according to the thermal image.

We draw lines for a straight fine cut so it can easily be put back with a few drywall screws.

Pry away the sheetrock and here’s our first peek at the exposed hive. Wow, that’s a good size colony! Some of the darker comb suggest that the bees have been there for a year or more. Kate and Paul told us that last Summer some bees came but might have left or something during Winter and now returned.

Pushed away the insulation and exposed even more!!!

We removed a good amount of bees first before we started cutting the comb sections.

The bees have built a lot of comb in this huge void space.

About 2/3 way through removing the combs the queen was right there. She wasn’t running fast so I was able to grab the queen catcher and nab her. 🙂 A beautiful large queen that’s very productive.

Thanks Kate and Paul for contacting us for save our local honeybees!

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One Response to Sunnyvale Relocating Beehive, 1+ Years

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for your help! We really appreciate your good work!

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