Onsite Bee Inspection – Palo Alto Bee Removal

Last week we went on a site check in Palo Alto after Michael emailed us to see if we can save these honeybees. The bees are entering through an attic vent hole but he was not sure where they are at. So we headed over to do an inspection to locate the colony of bees in the attic.

This one is a little tougher than our normal bees in the attic situation. Though the bees are entering through the vent holes and are in the attic, they are building right above a wall. So the thermal imager can actually pick up heat from either side of this wall on the ceiling. We also went and metered where the rafters are, and from the thermal image you see below, we will only have about 4 inches to access the hive. That’s not much room at all. So hopefully it’s enough for us to relocate the bees and not have to do it the destructive way. Let’s see what we will find when we open up the ceiling this weekend.

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