Bees In Recycle Bin – Sunnyvale Bee Removal

There must be something about recycle bins in Sunnyvale that bees like. 🙂 Tuesday Soyok called regarding some bees in her recycle bin and that she flipped over the lid to see if they would go away. By late afternoon they were still there so after dinner we headed over to Sunnyvale to relocate this colony of bees.

When we arrived we found a small cluster of bees outside. Brushed them into a hive box but didn’t find the queen. Don’t ask me why there’s a hose in the recycle bin. 😉

So we opened up the other side of the recycle bin and there was a larger cluster of bees there. And yup, our queen bee was in there. Caged her and left the box there to pick up about two hours later when it was dark. Sorry, no queen photo as I forgot to snap one and when I released her two days later, I forgot to take a picture again!

Thanks Soyok for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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