Bees Relocated With Two Queen Cells – Los Altos Bee Removal

Chris called me last week regarding some bees entering from the side of the chimney. I went for a site check and located the bees, which were behind the chimney. Good thing we were able to go from the inside as it was just drywall, so we thought.

From the second story bedroom there’s an access door that went into the attic storage space.

Thermal image verifying the location of the bees. And yup, they did go above the ceiling line! Had to work the tools to dig that part out.

Behind the drywall is plywood!!! So we had to cut through that.

And the plywood removed. A good amount of comb was attached to it.

We found three queen cells on that piece of comb. One of the queens emerged, one capped, and one uncapped. We didn’t find a queen in the colony today. That queen could have swarmed since Chris mentioned that the hive used to much more active but now less. No queen, no problem. We have two queen cells. 🙂

Picture above with capped queen cell. Picture below is the uncapped and emerged queen cell.

The hive exposed.

Thanks Chris and friend for calling us for saving our local honeybees!

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