Queenless Hive – Palo Alto Bee Removal

Two weeks ago Michael contacted me regarding some bees living in his attic and have been there for about a month. I went over for a site check and found where the bees were located using the Fluke thermal imager. We scheduled Saturday for the honeybee relocation.

The attic space that the bees moved into had a wall sitting beneath them so it made it a little more difficult. We first made a cut from the bedroom side. There was only about 3 inches of work space and to make matters worse, there’s a 2×12 in the way!

So we went to the other side of the wall which is the bathroom. The stud finder didn’t help here as it had wrong readings. We opened up the ceiling and nice, we had a lot more room to work with on the bathroom side. We pushed away the insulation and exposed the colony of bees.

Here’s a closer look of the bees. Immediately I noticed something odd. I see a lot of honey and no capped brood for being around 1 month old. I did see eggs on one comb section while I was there doing the removal but looked twice at the photo just minutes ago. My suspicions were satisfied when I saw multiple eggs in a single cell. This hive has been queenless and now there’s female laying workers!

Thanks Michael and Annet for having us relocate these bees. We will be combining them with a queen-right colony of honeybees.

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