Swarm Of Bees Relocated Near Los Altos High School

We received a late evening call for a swarm removal in Los Altos as we were headed to dinner at my sister’s place. We were close so we stopped by to check them out, went for a quick bite, and returned with the truck and our bee hiving equipment. The swarm was about 5 feet high and on a single branch. A very textbook type of swarm rescue. Trim the branches around the bees, cut the branch, drop into box, and cover them.

Brought this small swarm back to my parent’s place and caught the queen there. Transferred to a hive box and gave them a frame with drawn comb half filled with capped honey to get them started. Good thing we got to them this weekend because today we had a good amount of June rain!

Thanks John of Los Altos for calling us to save the bees!

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