Bees In Urn Killed

Two days ago Rich of Los Altos called regarding some honey bees living in an urn at his front porch. Him and his wife were researching on how to relocate them safely but I guess it was too late as Rich told me he sees a pile to dead bees on the bottom and unsure what happened. I asked if he knows of anyone who might have sprayed them and he wasn’t sure. The only person that could have sprayed would be the gardener as they live in a court.

See the artwork they did inside the urn. The bees have been there for about a month. Notice the dead pile of bees on the bottom right of the urn. When I was there only about 3 bees were flying. Such pity.

Looking at how these bees died, they were sprayed. By who, we will never know unless Rich asks his gardener.

Anyways, a word to the general public. Please call a beekeeper for advice on removing bees before you attempt to make it a DIY project. For bees inside the walls or attic of your house, you will not be able to kill them using wasp or yellowjacket spray. Only when you can get a direct hit into the entire colony will you kill honey bees. But we don’t want to kill our honey bees as they are a crucial resource to our lives.

(Wasps and Yellowjackets you can spray and kill, please do not spray honey bees. Thanks!)

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