Redwood City Bee Swarm Moving Around

Thursday night Sarah of Redwood City emailed me regarding a swarm that clustered up on their garden wall that’s about 4 feet in height and easy to access. Her family wanted someone to rescue them instead of having them killed. It was late so we didn’t head out there to relocate them. So we schedule tonight to go out to get them after my kids were asleep.

The photo above is a picture Sarah and Andrew emailed me that same night. A nice large cluster on the wall.

This afternoon while I was at Dr. Furlong’s LASIK center accompanying my wife for vision correction surgery, I received a call from Sarah saying the bees have moved. They didn’t go too far and landed on their arbor. Andrew was home and he filmed the entire process where a cloud of swarming bees all came landing on their patio arbor. The picture above is what we saw when we got there tonight.

And yup, we got the queen. She’s not that big. Perhaps a new queen.

Here’s Sarah, her son Dominic, my dad, and the large swarm of docile honey bees right above. Thanks Sarah and family for calling us to save our local honeybees!

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