Removing Comb and Honey From Dead Hive In Monte Sereno

After completing the cutout in Sunnyvale about 3 weeks ago, Linda of Monte Sereno saw the pictures that we took during the bee removal at her friend’s house. It was then that Linda contacted us regarding some past bee colonies living in her Monte Sereno home. At the time she had a pest control company guy come out and they bombed the bees and that’s all they did. Here’s what the pest control company left behind. They usually just kill the bees but does not clean up the comb, honey, and dead bees. Not all pest control guys kill honeybees though, I know a few that will call a beekeeper like myself to relocate them alive.

With the bees gone but wax and honey remaining, the wax moths quickly populated and destroyed the wax. Soon there were probably 20 to 40 or even more moths flying everywhere, some entering the house and Linda had to hang moth traps/repellents to keep them from ruining her nice interior curtains and sheets and more. Honey also dripped in the attic and if not removed it will eventually seep through the drywall and stains will begin to show up from inside the house.

We were there for a site check and inspection to locate the bees only. so we didn’t drive the truck with all our bee removal equipment. But instead of locating bees we ended up cleaning up a deadout. Most of it wasn’t tough to reach and I’m not sure why it wasn’t cleaned up in the first place. The hardest part was this narrow area where I had to tape a putty knife to a bamboo stick to scrap off all the combs with wax moth webbing on them.

Received an email from Linda today stating that now that she has my contact she’ll be calling me next time there’s a bee issue at her house. And also informed the pest control person not to kill honey bees and refer them to a beekeeper to remove them alive instead of killing them. I really appreciate this as my goal of course is to rescue our bees and to spread their population throughout our area.

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