San Jose Bee Removal – Queen Plus Two Queen Cells

We did a live bee relocation on Saturday in San Jose from a home that was being remodeled. Nhan’s family bought this property around January and noticed the bees, so the colony has been living there for at least six months. When we pulled up to the house we spotted the bees immediately from the truck. It was 9 AM and there was a ton of activity.

The bees were entering through the rotted wood near the ground. Thermal imager found that they walked all the way up to the very top to start building.

We marked and drew out a nice rectangle to cut out on the stucco. Because we could have access the bees from either side, we went on the side that wasn’t as visible to the human eye because the new stucco will never match the original pattern.

Stucco removed and we found a piece of plywood underneath

It was easy enough to cut and remove the piece of plywood. And we already knew there would be comb attached to it even before we started cutting. That piece of comb was mostly pollen with very little drone brood near the top.

A pretty good sized hive. A ton of bees!

We used the bee vacuum to remove most of the visible bees before we started cutting out the brood to attach to frames. We frames a total of 11 medium frames with brood. The colony had very little honey.

We caught the queen near the end. A nice large golden queen bee. We also found multiple queen cells and queen cups. Two of the queen cells had larva and royal jelly. From the looks of the very high population of bees and the queen cells, I’m sure that in a week or two this original queen would have swarmed. I will help her out by splitting this hive into two, one with the original mated queen and the other with the uncapped queen cell.

Comb all cleared. Just some clean up of the wax remaining.

Thanks Nhan for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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2 Responses to San Jose Bee Removal – Queen Plus Two Queen Cells

  1. Todd says:

    Booyah! That’s a big old section of comb! Nice. Jack, did you attend the San Mateo Beekeepers Guild meeting last week? I think I might have passed by you after Serge Lebasque’s talk with a look on my face saying, “Hey, I should introduce myself, but, but, but…” Cheers!


  2. Hey Todd,

    No, I have yet to attend any guild meetings, Santa Clara or San Mateo. Maybe one day when I’m retired. 🙂

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