Removing Bees From Eve Of The Roof – Los Altos, CA

We did the bee relocation from the eve of the roof this afternoon when it was 78F. My dad and I were in full suits and dang, sweat was running down our forehead into our eyes like crazy. We can’t wait for this Saturday’s removal when it’s supposed to hit a high of mid-90’s!

Anyways, back to the bee removal in Los Altos today. It was an easy one and we caught the queen right after we set up the ladder to reach the colony. She was on the second comb but the part she was on was exposed and I spotted her sticking her head into a cell looking to see if she can lay an egg in there. I grabbed the queen catcher and napped her even before we knew what had just happened. 🙂

We used the beevac to remove the bees and brought them home to combine with the queen and brood. It was hot today from the first story roof where we were standing, with the heat radiating off of the shingles, the fresh wax combs were melting and very hard to handle. There were about 5 pieces of comb, we were only able to save about 2.

Thanks Harry for calling us to save our local honeybees. And also thank Harry’s neighbor Beth for informing him about us.

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