Adopt A Hive – A Pair Of Dedicated New Beekeepers And Their Hive

It has been about a month now since Andrew contacted me regarding getting a bee hive for their newly redone backyard which master gardener Drew helped them design. Last week Andrew and LeAnna came over for their beekeeping 101 lesson and also to get up and close with the bees that they will be getting in July. Meet LeAnna and Andrew.

Talk about teamwork. LeAnna and Andrew are correcting cross comb with my instructions. They will be following my foundationless practices so this part of the lesson can come in handy in the future.

Looking for bridged or crossed combs first before taking out the next frame. We are transferring this single medium hive that’s completely full into their two medium boxes.

Very important, first thing we always do after removing a frame is to look for the queen on both sides. Look not once but a few times before taking any action either correcting cross comb, harvesting honey, or just a simple inspection. And I always advice to hold the frame right above the hive just incase the queen decides to hop off.

This hive was so packed with bees I thought they were about to swarm. The picture below looks like a capped queen cell but actually… it tricked us. The other side has two cells so there’s no way a queen can be in there. We moved them over and now they have much more room. Given that they shouldn’t swarm. The hive is still at my place so if they do I’ll be on the lookout for it. Will check on the hive before delivering it around the first week of July.

Thanks Andrew and LeAnna for coming over for your beekeeping 101 lesson and showing such dedication to beekeeping, and of course adopting this healthy colony of bees!

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