Bees Under The Shed – Palo Alto Bee Removal

Ken called me two weeks ago regarding honey bees that have moved in about a month ago. We scheduled this Saturday for the bee relocation. We arrived right at 9 AM and Ken showed us where the bees were entering to get to the bottom of the shed.

Then we went in and located them by hand. My thermal imager would have given us a better reading but I forgot to bring it rushing out the door this morning.

My dad works the multi-tool to cut the plywood floor so Ken can easily put it back together.

After we made our first cut a section is lifted and we get a first look at the colony. This colony has been here for over a month. I would guess that the colony arrived last Fall from the dark combs in the center.

There’s more comb underneath the floor. We removed the bees and framed the combs from the first section. I stuck my longest knife under the floor to try to cut the comb loose, no such luck as it feels like the comb sections go much further in.

So yup, we had to cut more and lifted the second section of the floor. This is the other half of the colony. Mostly new comb in this section.

And as expected she found the queen on the fresh white combs that were furthest in from where we started to cut. She’s a nice calm and large queen. Her bees are all small in size and very calm and gentle. Definitely a nice honey bees colony to keep in one’s backyard. Anyone want to adopt this hive?

Thanks Ken for calling us to save our local honeybees!

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2 Responses to Bees Under The Shed – Palo Alto Bee Removal

  1. beesgalore says:

    the pictures are amazing and they almost always include the queen. Good job !!

  2. These were the most gentle bees but they sure love to build non-straight combs. 🙂 We must be lucky or something because I think our queen catching rate on removals is over 90%. Some removals I open up I already know I won’t catch the queen like the 12 hour removals in a tight space. Even if I saw her I would have had to vacuum her up due to not being able to reach far enough.

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