Bee Removal From Second Oldest Oak Tree in Los Altos

We did a bee removal today (Saturday) from the second oldest oak tree in Los Altos. Before I went for a site check I was told there was only one hive with bees entering from the center of the oak tree. When I was doing a site check the other day I found a second colony living in another hollow of this big oak tree. Here’s what we tackled today. The center of this huge oak tree is about 8 feet up. Then the other colony is 15 feet up, in the photo it’s the top left where you see a black hole, that’s how they used to cover up the hollows of the trees, spray paint and nail up there to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

We started with the bees entering from the center of the tree. I knew we only could save the bees that come out as the hole is tiny. We used the bee vac and removed a lot of bees!

The bees enter through the center of the tree and from the other side, you can easily tell where they are at. Below is a picture of a hollow that was filled with brick. The bees are definitely in there as we heavily smoked the bees and they started coming out of there but in low numbers. The rot of this part of the tree goes up, down, left and right some more. This colony appears to be big with a heavy bee population that I’m sure they have filled up the hollow pretty darn good.

Below is a close up of the second colony. They are right behind this sheet of aluminum.

Here’s our first look at the second colony of bees. A nice large opening.

The bees were 15 feet up. Here’s my dad removing most of the bees with the bee vac before we started to cut the comb out.

While I was cutting out the last few pieces of comb from the hive I spotted the queen inside the hollow. I knew I couldn’t reach her with my hand and queen catcher so I just vacuumed her into the bee vac. Brought all the bees home and caught the queen! 🙂

Thanks Mike for calling us to save our local  honeybees!

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