Bees In A Telephone Pole

Thursday I received a call from Cindi, an APR realtor who’s selling a Los Altos house not too far from me that has bees on the property. Since I was close by I swung by on my way to my parent’s place to check them out. When I arrived Cindi was busy but I was able to find the bees. They are living inside an old telephone pole. And here’s where the saga begins. đŸ™‚

After I snapped this picture I briefly chatted with the neighbor who said it would be good to get rid of the bees. Then Cindy showed up and I told her it’s PG&E’s pole, I cannot touch it unless we have their permission. And then all of the sudden a neighbor on the street walks over who gave my contact to Cindi the realtor and started talking to Cindi. Then someone jumps out of a BMW and shouts my name and runs towards me, it was Emily. That one neighbor actually got my contact through Emily, who lives around the block who bought honey from me in the past and just in the afternoon I visited her house because she’s interested in beekeeping. So there was a lot of this and that going on but we ended up with Cindi going back to the seller to see what should be done.

At night I contacted the homeowner who I actually picked up some old paint from just the other day. Found out from her that the bees have been there for 10 years!!! Some neighbor actually sprayed the bees once but of course the bees survived. The homeowner is very protective of the bee colony and convinced PG&E not to remove the old pole but to cut it short and let the bees live in there. Now they are moving and we all hope the new homeowners will not destroy the hive, or at least contact me to see what we can save before destroying.

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1 Response to Bees In A Telephone Pole

  1. Connie Miller says:

    Im a realtor and sold the house across the street from that hive a few years ago. We merely disclosed the fact that the hive was there and that was that. That is a peaceful colony. I always check it out when I’m on that street and would be very sad to see them forcibly removed or destroyed.

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