Bees With An Electric Buzz – Mountain View Bee Removal

After the telephone pole site check I received another call and it wasn’t that far away so I went for yet another site check, this time in Mountain View. Arrived and the family show me where the colony of bees are living, and it wasn’t what I wanted to see as they are  inside and BEHIND the electric meter box! Removals like this is never easy. The best way might be to go from the inside if it’s possible. If not it’ll be from the outside and we might need to call a licensed electrician to come out for a little consulting on what we can move aside to get the bees out safely.

According to the family they first noticed the bees two months ago. From the looks of where the bees are exiting and visible, they have completely filled the box and running out of room. Bees seen at the top of the box.

And there’s a picture from under the circuit breakers, this is their main entry/exit point. And bees overflowing.

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