Bees Relocated From Behind Electric Meter – Mountain View Bee Removal

Here’s our Sunday bee removal in Mountain View. Last Thursday we did a site check after Kiwi and Bob called, and found the bees inside the electric meter box and knew it was nearly impossible to get to them from the outside unless the meter can be tilted or removed. Here’s a picture from the outside. A very active hive.

We pulled off a piece of wood and exposed the bottom part of the combs behind all the electric wires.

So we decided to go from the inside hoping we won’t run into any obstacles after we remove the drywall. A thermal image showing that the bees have built from top to almost the bottom of the electric meter box.

Lines drawn and ready to cut.

Here’s what we found after we removed the drywall. There were some 3/4 inch by all sorts sizes on the wall. Thanks to Bob’s dad who brought over his nail puller, it made pulling nails simple and quick. Here we exposed the bottom part of the bee colony.

And here’s a view of the entire hive exposed after we started vacuuming the bees and actually removed a bottom portion of the first comb section. Capped honey on top and brood on the bottom half.

And my dad spotted the queen on the last piece of comb we removed. Caged her and will let her out on Tuesday, two days after the removal to ensure the colony does not abscond.

We left the bees, brood, and queen there to pick up at night so we get all the returning foragers. This hive has a lot of bees. We filled 10 frames with brood and will need to add a second box already when we release the queen.

Thanks Kiwi and Bob for allowing us to save our local honeybees!

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