Rod’s First Beehive Inspection – Adopt A Hive

Rod of Los Altos adopted the Fernando colony back in April and between our very busy schedules we finally had the opportunity to meet up and complete Rod’s first inspection together. Upon arriving I noticed that Rod’s family has planted a ton of sunflower that are now in full bloom. Bees, European and native species, were all over them.

Above is some kind of native bee. Below is a European honeybee.

Upon arrival I noticed heavy bee activity. Rod added a deep underneath the medium, which was 100% full when I delivered it back in April, the very next day after I brought the hive over.

Bees washboarding at the entrance.

Meet Rod and his first hive that now has a deep and two mediums. We had a little trouble prying apart the inner cover and I knew why. The bees ran out of room and built comb between the top of the frames and the inner cover. It was full of honey. We scrapped it off and that made it Rod’s first honey harvest. πŸ™‚ I bet he got about one to two pounds from it!

I lifted the medium off and peeked into the deep. It was completely full. The bees drew out every single deep frame, some were on foundation while others were foundationless. I lifted a frame in the center to see if I can spot brood and sure enough there were solid patterns, and holy cow, there she was, the huge queen was walking around on that frame I picked up. How lucky! πŸ™‚

The bees are ready for Winter. Population is heavy and they have a ton of honey stores. Our nectar flow has slowed but still going on. They should start drawing the new medium and perhaps a honey harvest at the beginning of Fall.

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