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The Benefits Of Propolis In Your Hives

Person County Beekeepers Association had a guest speaker, Dr. Mike Simone-Finstrom, who conducted a research on the benefits of propolis to the honeybee colonies. Here’s a quick summary: Bees collect propolis on their hind legs and deposit it in the … Continue reading

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Adopt A Hive – The Danford’s Adopt The Fern Colony

Last Friday Becci emailed me regarding adopting a hive. She’s a second year beekeeper but haven’t had much luck with overwintering her bees last year. She wanted an established FERAL colony instead of “commercial bees” and through a little online … Continue reading

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Bee Removal From Second Oldest Oak Tree in Los Altos

We did a bee removal today (Saturday) from the second oldest oak tree in Los Altos. Before I went for a site check I was told there was only one hive with bees entering from the center of the oak … Continue reading

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