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Small Bees Relocated In Los Altos

Met Pauling and Roland of Los Altos during the week for a site check and after a brief discussion on the honey bee relocation plan, we scheduled today for the bee removal. We arrived before 8:30 AM and after setting … Continue reading

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Historic Mansion In Portola Valley With 15 Active Bee Hives – Bee Removal

A fellow bee remover in the area contacted me to see if I can help locate some hives in a historic building in Portola Valley with my thermal imager. He told me it was only seven colonies, he removed two … Continue reading

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Mating Flight Caught On Video

Found this online. Someone in Russia captured a queen mating flight on video! Check it out.

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Days Old Swarm Or One Month Old Colony? – Bees Relocated From Irrigation Control Valve Box

Robin of Mountain View contacted us on Wednesday regarding a swarm that moved in the day before into a sprinkler control valve box behind her house. Because the colony of bees was at a complex and where the bees were … Continue reading

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Update On The Deer Hollow Farm Hives

It has been a while since I’ve provided an update on the two hives installed at Deer Hollow Farm. The last time we were there inspecting, the first hive we brought over has a new queen and brood though population … Continue reading

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Langstroth Hive to Top Bar Hive – Adopt A Hive

Lately I’ve been helping TBH beekeepers transfer comb with brood, bees, queen, and all from Langstroth frames to their top bar hives. Like the previous transfer this one was even easier. Jett from Oakland Hills contacted me regarding getting bees … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Honey – Palo Alto Bee Relocation

Per the previous blog post we scheduled this second story soffit bee relocation this past Saturday. We got there nice and early and started by metering the bees, then set up all our equipment including a tall ladder and a … Continue reading

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