Bees In The Soffit – Palo Alto Bees Site Check

Vivien of Palo Alto contacted me last week regarding a colony of bees coming and going from the corner of their second story roof. The colony has been there since they bought the house so they aren’t exactly sure how long it has actually been there. Their neighbors did tell them that the hive has been there for over a year.

Went for a site check this morning, was hoping to get there before the fog burned off and early enough so I can go into work afterwards but wow, this morning’s fog sure burned off fast. While I was there the neighbor came out and said that the bees have been there before, a bee remover came and took the bees and even got the queen. I guess the only thing that wasn’t done from the last removal was to prevent the bees from going back into the same empty space. The best for this situation would be to put in glass insulation while it was opened up. Scheduled for Saturday morning to relocate the bees.

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