Langstroth Hive to Top Bar Hive – Adopt A Hive

Lately I’ve been helping TBH beekeepers transfer comb with brood, bees, queen, and all from Langstroth frames to their top bar hives. Like the previous transfer this one was even easier. Jett from Oakland Hills contacted me regarding getting bees for a top bar hive where the bees must have swarmed and last queen absconded. So with an empty TBH she wanted to occupy it at this time of the year. Package bees do not exist and swarms are hard to come by and usually fairly small in size this time of the year. So this morning Jett drove down to my workplace and picked up a 6 frame established colony to install into her custom made TBH.

Jett emailed me dimensions of her top bars (25 inches exterior!!!) and after finding out how HUGE her top bar hive is the transfer process will be simple. Over the weekend my dad and I prepared the hive by pulling out each frame and then removing the bottom bar off of the Langstroth frames. Because her top bars are so long and the Langstroth top bars are 19 inches, you can easily wire tie the two together.

Picture below shows the top bar on the hive with the Langstroth frame, minus the bottom bar, installed in the TBH. The bees will be able to draw new comb below if they wish or as I always suggest, checker board the bars and then rotate the transferred bars or combs out next year.

Thanks Jett for adopting this young and growing colony and the pictures showing the Langstroth hive to Top Bar Hive transfer process!

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