Days Old Swarm Or One Month Old Colony? – Bees Relocated From Irrigation Control Valve Box

Robin of Mountain View contacted us on Wednesday regarding a swarm that moved in the day before into a sprinkler control valve box behind her house. Because the colony of bees was at a complex and where the bees were located we decided to rescue the bees on Thursday evening around dinner time. Robin placed a note on the top cover informing curious passerbys not to kill the bees.

What was supposed to be a day or two old swarm that just moved in turned out to be a complete colony that have been there for about one month. Capped brood, honey, and all.

Robin snapped this photo of my dad and me in action.

And yup, we caught the queen. 🙂

Thanks Robin, Steven, and Stephanie for allowing us to save our local honeybees!

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