Small Bees Relocated In Los Altos

Met Pauling and Roland of Los Altos during the week for a site check and after a brief discussion on the honey bee relocation plan, we scheduled today for the bee removal. We arrived before 8:30 AM and after setting up our equipment we started by locating the bees with our thermal imager even though we already knew where they were. The edge of the roof of the cottage was pretty rotted out so it made cutting easy. Here we carefully peeled off a section of the asphalt shingles.

Here is a thermal image of where the bees are underneath the roof.

First peek into the hive. We noticed these bees were small. While most bees we’ve removed this year were about 3/4 inches in length, these were only abut 1/2 inch. Some bees are really golden blonde and some were black, definitely muts, but just seeing the extremes were kind of cool. 🙂

We used our multi-fuctional tool to cut the plywood. Then pull open and flip over, exposing the entire colony of honeybees. From the color of the combs, the bees have probably been here for at least 8 months. We rubberbanded 9 frames of brood. There were some honey but not a lot. Definitely enough for this colony to go into Fall/Winter months.

And here’s our queen. She’s very mellow and slow in her movements which made for an easy capture. Perhaps she’s a newly mated queen. We did see one opened queen cell that looked pretty fresh.

Thanks Pauling and Roland for having us save our local honey bees!

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