CoolEatz Hives Ready For Rain/Frost

Stopped by this afternoon to check out the CoolEatz Hives. They are doing awesome. A lot of activity at the entrance and Jesse had her handymen build a nice and solid roof above the hives. It uses clear corrugated roofing so sun will shine through while keeping rain and frost off of the hives.

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3 Responses to CoolEatz Hives Ready For Rain/Frost

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Love the hive roof design, very clever.

  2. Todd says:

    That’s great that the hives are doing so well. Jack, do you check for mite counts often? Just wondering, as I lost 3 hives to Varroa this September. Sad because it’s totally preventable. Now I have an action plan, as well as I know what to look for, and will not be letting it happen again. Hopefully your adopted hives, as well as your backyard hives have low counts.

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