Bee Removal Up High – Los Altos

April of this year Amy and Troy of Los Altos called regarding a swarm of bees on the outside of the house. When I got there the same day the bees have already moved in to a void of an overhang. It was high and going up on a ladder would not be the smartest thing to do. We tried to schedule a time to have scaffolding set up but the contractors were in their busy season. So we waiting until this past weekend when their contractors were able to set up scaffolding for us to stand firmly on to reach the bees.

Josh, one of the contractors, borrowed our beesuit and removed the 2×6 block for us to gain access to the bees.

It was a tight spot! But we managed and was able to remove everything.

We sprayed bee quick after removing all the combs and vacuuming the bees in the void. No queen to be found. Then we noticed a cluster forming at the top of the peaked roof. And being crazy about catching the queen bee, I put on the safety harness and climbed up there. That peaked roof was very sloped! And guess what, the queen was not up there. (Thanks Troy for capturing this photo)

As I made my way down to the ground my dad asks if the bee he caught in the queen catcher is the queen. I climbed up the scaffolding and verified that it was the queen! He caught her as she walked out of the void, nice and slowly as she had honey on her body. And my dad said he caught her as I was climbing down. It would have been good if he caught her earlier. Would have saved me a trip climbing up that high. 🙂

Thanks Amy and Troy for having us save our local honeybees!

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