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2012 November Frost

This is just for my own records. 🙂 Has been chilly. Nights dropped into the 30s. First frost Sunday morning.

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We’re Back At Redwood Shores Removing Bees

11/3/2012: Last year John called us twice to remove bees from his stucco fence and I thought maybe this year I won’t hear from him. But just last week he called and left a voicemail on my phone. The bees … Continue reading

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Large External Bee Hive Relocated In Mountain View – 25 ft up!

10/28/2012: It was months ago when I first heard of a large external honeybee colony high up in the tree in Mountain View. Andrea emailed me because she was concerned that the mosquito fogging would have killed off this hive. … Continue reading

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Removing An External Hive Before Spooky Halloween – Los Altos

Doing a little catching up. This blog post was drafted 10/26: Next week is Halloween and with young kids running around the block it was a good idea to remove this newly established honeybee colony that started building externally on … Continue reading

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