Removing An External Hive Before Spooky Halloween – Los Altos

Doing a little catching up. This blog post was drafted 10/26: Next week is Halloween and with young kids running around the block it was a good idea to remove this newly established honeybee colony that started building externally on a freshly planted olive tree, only about thigh high. And the thing is this colony was only two houses away from this one house that goes all out on Halloween decor with a bus sized pirate ship, towers, and a lot more. Will get a picture of it this weekend if they are done setting everything up.

Back to the bees, Uwe called me today to relocate these bees after they have been there for two weeks. The swarm must have arrived when we had those few 90 degree days two weeks back and then might have gotten stuck there when the rains came right after the heat.

When we arrived and saw the cluster it was a good two pound size ball hanging on a thin branch. I stuck a knife into the cluster to see how much comb they have built and noticed only resistance near the top where they are hanging from the branch. So we just treated it like a swarm and shook them into the hive box.

We caught the queen and caged her. Gave the bees two empty drawn foundationless frames and a frame of honey to get them started off the right path this late in the season. Waited until near dark and moved them to my aunt’s place in Mountain View.

Thanks Uwe for calling us to save the bees!

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2 Responses to Removing An External Hive Before Spooky Halloween – Los Altos

  1. Emily Heath says:

    You weren’t kidding about that house going all out on Halloween decor! The most my local houses had was a pumpkin outside.

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