We’re Back At Redwood Shores Removing Bees

11/3/2012: Last year John called us twice to remove bees from his stucco fence and I thought maybe this year I won’t hear from him. But just last week he called and left a voicemail on my phone. The bees are back and they are in the first spot that we removed bees from the first time we went. Guess what, the stucco guy forgot to patch up this electric outlet size hole down below!

Almost the same cut as before between the two 2×4’s but this time we metered when lower to the bottom, not attached to the top wood beam. Yes, the bees do build from side out and then up or down. It’s not always that they hand vertically down from the very top.
The hive had about only two pounds of bees max, almost 2 frames of brood, and two frames of honey. Appears to be a small swarm that moved in probably about 4-6 months ago.

Oh, we did get the queen. We didn’t catch her there because I knew she would run up and I didn’t want to cut more of the stucco wall. We looked for her and found her quickly at my parent’s house while we were setting them up. Pics later of the queen.

I recommended John to put a plywood “door” over the hole and call us to remove the swarm in the future rather than an established colony.

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