Manor Hive Adopted – Alexander Valley Vineyards

February is just around the corner. Temperatures are warming up to the 60’s creating a big buzz around the hives with the bees bringing in nectar and much pollen, the start of building up the colony for the flow. Not only are there high activity at the hives but calls have been coming in for hive adoptions already. Hank Wetzel of Alexander Valley Vineyards called me about two weeks ago and wanted to get a hive as early as possible to replace a hive he had that didn’t make it. In Alexander Valley the wild flowers start to bloom in February so he wanted to catch the very beginning of the flow if possible.


Hank drove down on Friday 1/18 and we did the swap of some woodware and secured the hive. Because the weather was warm we had to wait a little longer that evening before all the bees came home to seal the entrance. We finally did and Hank takes home the Manor Hive, a LATE swarm right before Halloween that never stopped building up its size. The population is good and the hive is heavy with much honey stored.


Aside from the vineyard, garden,  and bees, Hank has many hobbies including raising nearly a thousand chickens in which he collects free ranging chicken eggs and sells to many folks in and outside of town. He even gave me a tray of colorful eggs. 🙂

Hank, thanks for the eggs and of course adopting this healthy hive!

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