Father and Daughter Team Up – Adopt A Hive

Every year I help new beekeepers get started with their first hives and I love doing so especially when it brings family members together. Today Bryan and Georgia came over to take home their very first bee hive. Georgia is only four years old but wow, she’s so into this beekeeping adventure with her dad Bryan. Once they arrived she quickly jumped into her full beesuit, it was so cute!

Bryan and Georgia watched as my father and I transfered the bees and frames into their woodware. Inbetween the transfer I gave them a quick beekeeping 101 on what to look for in the combs such as capped honey, eggs, larvae, capped brood, and we even found the queen. 🙂

Thanks Bryan and Georgia for adopting this young colony! Have fun on your first year of beekeeping as a father and daughter team! 🙂

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