Beekeeping’s A Family Matter – Taking Home Their First Hive – Adopt A Hive

While I was on my business trip to China in January Mark contacted me saying that him and his family would like to get started in beekeeping and want to know where to start. While I was thousands of miles away I was able to email Mark a list of starter equipment to purchase and the equipment should arrive at Mark’s doorstep about the same time I get back home. Everything came in and it was time for Mark and his family to get their bees.

These few days in February has been gorgeous out so Mark and his family all came over to my place today to chat and also to transfer the bees over to his woodware. Mark and Melani have three daughters and amazingly they were all into beekeeping. Unfortunately Mark had only purchased one bee suit and I only had an extra one, so only Mark and his oldest daughter Emma was able to be up close for the transfer.

Mark and Family today adopted the William Henry B colony. This colony was in two mediums but they barely started using the second box so I consolidated all the bees into one. So the colony went to their new home on 9 drawn frames but a lot of bees for a single box. But that’s not a problem as Mark will add a second box once the weather conditions permit opening the hive again. The colony has a strong queen which never stopped laying in the cold months so the hive has brood of all stages with thousands capped and ready to emerge for the start of the strong nectar flow in a few days. They also have a good amount of capped honey and bringing in much nectar and pollen.

I brought the frame with the queen over to the ladies without bee suits so the entire family had a chance to see their queen today. 🙂

Thanks Mark and Family for adopting this healthy colony of honey bees!


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1 Response to Beekeeping’s A Family Matter – Taking Home Their First Hive – Adopt A Hive

  1. Chris says:

    Very cool. We’re starting our bee endeavor this year; going to our first bee meeting later this week. Nice to see it can be a family activity that is helpful to our environment as well. Thanks for the blog.

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