Stanford Bee Removal 20 Feet Up

It was late Summer of 2012 when Marvina first contacted me regarding a bee colony living at the eave of her three story home in Stanford. We went for a site check and suggested that since it’s so high and if it does not bother anyone, to just leave the bees alone. The bees didn’t bother Marvina at all but she have to look after her tenant who’s living on the property and entrance to the room is nearly right below the hive but three stories down. So anyways this past Sunday because the weather is becoming so nice we scheduled for the bee rescue.

While we swung by for our second site check and to measure how high up the bees were, we took a thermal image of the colony. We knew where they were at but thought it would be cool to capture the heat definition of the colony and to see its size before we take off the plywood. 🙂

20 feet up!!! Never fun being that high up on a ladder especially removing bees! Honey bees are generally nice but if you’re pounding on their house without the use of smoke, they won’t be happy campers.

And we exposed the colony. They were jammed packed in this void with no more room to expand. Drones were plentiful and in a few weeks I’m sure this colony would be swarming. We removed all the bees, rubberbanded 6 frames of worker brood of all stages but unfortunately we didn’t catch the queen. There was a nice gap at the top and I’m sure she ran in there. Due to time constraint we couldn’t wait for her to come back out. We brought the colony home and looked for the queen again but we weren’t so lucky this time. Hived them and then combined them with a small queenright hive on Monday.

We got a little treat today at Marvina’s place. There is a hummingbird nest with two chicks inside. This was the first time I’ve seen a hummingbird nest and chicks! Thanks Marvina for showing us the birds and having us save our local honeybees!

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