Menlo Park Charles Schwab Bee Swarm Removal

Ryan, property management at the Menlo Park Charles Schwab building called us today to see if we can come out to rescue a swarm of bees hanging out pretty close to the front of the building entrance and walkway. On the phone he said it was two football size and he was right on! This swarm was pretty large, I would guess about 6-8 pounds of bees. We didn’t do the swarm shake onsite as we didn’t want a ton of bees flying around during the 5 PM off work hour. So we cut the branch and placed the entire swarm into two mediums and brought them home.

When we got home we shook the bees off of the branch and then the search was on for the queen. It wasn’t easy finding her in this large swarm but we finally did. She wasn’t the golden colored queen either so that made it even tougher. Here she is… 🙂

Thanks Ryan for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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