Chasing Honeybee Swarms

Been chasing swarms lately but a few that we chased came up empty handed. Last weekend we received a call on Saturday for a swarm in Redwood Shores. We arrived and they flew away already. Sunday we got another call a few blocks down the street from Saturday’s swarm call, about the same size swarm but before we got there that swarm flew away. I think it is the same swarm playing games with us. (Al sent us this picture of the nice sized swarm)

Today we received a call from Kater of Los Altos regarding a swarm that she followed from her yard. It could have been from her hives but she wasn’t sure. The bees were WAY up in the tree. It was over 20 feet tall. Can you spot the swarm? It was actually a good size swarm of about 5 pounds of bees.

Well, while we were setting up and about to shake ’em down from high up above the swarm decided it was time to move on! We chased it down the street but eventually they landed HIGH HIGH up in some Fir tree or something. So we had to let it go and went to check on Kater’s two hives. One of them had at least 5 swarm cells! The other hive was loaded with bees and we couldn’t get into as we didn’t have the right equipment with us. Here’s a short video of the swarm flying off. And as I stood in the cloud of bees they poo’ed on me!!!

The fun of chasing swarms! 🙂

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